Dave Waller has been collecting neon signs since he was a kid. He likes 'em big with a little rust around the edges to make sure they're legit. Now he has over fifty of these old dinosaurs that graced our fine nation's highways. None of them were poached illegally - all these signs have come to the end of their useful life in advertising thier businesses. But they still make a nice bright glow, don't they? He restores them himself (except for the neon tubing) and tries never to repaint or split apart an old sign. Do you like old neon signs, too? Give Dave a shout!
The best place for an old sign is right where it always stood, but when it's time to go, Dave and his pals load up the 1946 International Harvester crane truck with tools, and haul it away. It's always good to collect information from the former owner and the neigh-bors so the sign has a little history with it.
  Give me a sign, man